The New Soul Shiver from Mooer

Mooer Soul Shiver

Be the first on your block to add the new Mooer Soul Shiver to your pedal board. We just received this new pedal from Mooer at our warehouse yesterday and it’s very cool and very ’60’s. The new Soul Shiver from Mooer Audio features 3 modulation effects: Chorus, Vibrato, and Rotary. The Soul Shiver captures the psychedelic vibe of the late 60’s with a warm and psychedelic chorus, a wide range vibrato effect, and a really fantastic rotary speaker effect.Mooer PCZ connector

We’re shipping the Soul Shiver starting today, Friday 8th of August. And if you place your order this weekend we’ll throw in a free Mooer PCZ connector so you can hook up your new Soul Shiver your other Mooer pedals. Copy and paste this code to in your shopping cart – SOULPCZ – when you place your order and get the Mooer PCZ for Free!

Have a fantastic weekend and a great gig! And if you’re interested in the Soul Shiver + the PCZ connector for FREE, click on the button below now to get it in time for next weekend’s gig.





Exclusive Interview with Teddy Kumpel

Teddy Kumpel

Tell us a bit about your musical background?

My Mom is a church organist and classical pianist, Dad was a lover of show tunes and standards and also played the piano. I grew up singing with my family pretty much non stop. In 10th grade I was chosen to be the guitarist in the New york All State Jazz Band, mostly due to the amazing teacher I had, Richard Rabatin. He was an oasis of music to me, a brilliant composer and blues influenced guitarist. He showed me everything from Merle Travis to John Scofield, Atonal sight singing to making one chord vamps have their own internal changes. The best thing he ever taught me was how to teach myself. I went university of Miami where I learned how to compose and arrange. The great thing about Miami in the 80’s was the sheer amount of work there was. I was playing non stop the whole time I was there.

What are you working on right now?

I’ve had a residency at the Rockwood Music Hall here in New York for the last 4 years with my band the LOOPestra. I use looping live to create a big guitar band sound and have a different rhythm section every week, some of the best in the business, like Shawn Pelton, Keith Carlock, Jojo Mayer, James Genus, Tim LeFebvre and Jonathan Maron. Look for the LOOPestra to play once a month in Rockwood 2 while the residency continues in a different format in 2014.

I also work on independent records. I just finished mixing a beautiful record by Sonia Montez, an amazing singer songwriter who rocks without forgetting her roots. I also produced and mixed a record for Rich Hinman, a great guitarist in his own right, who plays with Sara Bareilles and Roseann Cash.

I’ve done a lot of work on films with my friend and film composer Alex Wurman. Anchorman, Taladegga Nights, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Four Christmases, Temple Grandin to name just a few of the fun films we got to work on together. Temple Grandin won an Emmy for best soundtrack (by Alex) so I guess you could say that since I was the featured soloist, I won an Emmy too ; )

How would you describe the state of music right now?

music is and always will be a source for inspiration in people’s lives. Now there’s just more people doing it, thanks to the home studio revolution. I think it’s great that people who are naturally talented have a way to realize their creative dreams with computers even if they’ve never had any training. The cream still rises to the top, there’s just more fat than there was in the 70’s and 80’s…

What’s coming up for you in the future?

The future includes touring opening for the Waterboys with my friend Freddie Stevenson, the great Scottish songwriter. Also touring with Martha Redbone and developing my own music further.

What attracted you to Mooer pedals?

Tiny size and big sound. Why have something bigger when such a small thing sounds just as good? They’re really a big help for touring rigs.

Dealer Spotlight : Corner Music Nashville TN


How long has the store been in business?

In 1976, amid all the fireworks and hotdogs of America’s bicentennial, Corner Music opened its doors for the first time. Legend has it that Larry was just looking for a good place to fire up the grill for the 4th of July, but that has not been proven.

How long have you work at the store?

I came to Corner Music in 1996. I was hiding from the Grunge Movement. Nashville seemed like the perfectly logical place for a white guy who played funk to hang out. Or something.

Why is Mooer micro doing so well at your store?

Mooer is selling well in our store because they are a no-brainer; they sound good, they aren’t expensive, they are true bypass, and they economize the precious space on a pedalboard. Most guys these days are playing on stages the size of postage stamps, or they are old and can’t lift much. The rest (hipsters anyway) probably just like all the pretty colors. The little Moo-Moos are perfect for all those guys.

How does the future of music stores look?

Lots of Stairway to Heaven and Smoke On The Water. Unless you’re a keyboard player, and then it’s Jump.

Peace Love N’ Funk Zillaaaaaaahhhh

Exclusive Interview with Mooer Artist Tommy Bolan

Tommy Bolan Mooer Pure Octave Eleclady LoFi

For those of us who aren’t hip give a us a brief background on you?

I am probably best known as the lead guitarist of the German heavy metal band “WARLOCK” (with Doro Pesch). I played on and did the World Tour and video for the Platinum/Gold selling Album “Triumph and Agony.”

What are you doing musically present?

I have my own band that I front called, N.Y.C (I sing lead vocals and play lead guitar), and I am also the lead guitarist of The Richie Ramone Band (original drummer of Ramones). I also sing lead vocals on many Ramones classics in our live show.

What’s coming up for you in the future?

A World Tour in support of the new Richie Ramone Band CD coming out called “Entitled.” It was mixed by Mark Needham (Pink, Killers, etc) and mastered by Stephen Marcussen (Prince, Stones, etc). I co-wrote on the disc as well. I am aslo writing the NEW NYC CD that is set to be produced by Grammy Nominated Producer Ulrich Wild (Static-X, Zombie, Otep, etc).

What do you think of the state of the music industry?

It has gotten tougher, as the industry has “splintered” in so many directions as far as A/R and actual labels and the way they sign bands now or even consider them.

Why do you use Mooer pedals?

Small size, BIG sound and pedal board friendly.

Dealer Spotlight : Texas Guitar Ranch

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How long has the store been in business?
The retail store Murphy’s Music has been in business since 1969.

How long have you worked at the store?
Texas Guitar Ranch has been working with Murphy’s since 2011. I started buying and selling guitars in 1980.

Why are Mooer pedals doing so well at your store?
They are just great sounding pedals, and when people realize how great they sound and how little room they take up and the price point, they sell themselves. Our staff believes in them and recommends them to our customers.

How does the future of music stores look?
We think the future of music stores remains strong but stores have to keep on top of new technology and integrate it successfully to stay viable. And of course, we rely on support from manufacturers and distributors. Osiamo has consistently been a top notch supplier with superb products.

Biggest challenge for your store for 2013?
Finding great new products to offer our customers that keep them coming back to see what’s new. Good example… these Taurus stomp heads are amazing!

Dealer Spotlight : Steve’s Music Center Rock Hill NY

Steve's Music Centert

How long has the store been in business?
Since 4/1/ 1996

How long have you work at the store?
Since 4/1/1996
Mooer Firefly at Steve's Music Center
Why are Mooer pedals doing so well at your store?
Mooer pedals are doing well because they are priced right and offer a lot for that money. Plus, the size makes them just right for guys who have limited real estate on their pedalboards.

How does the future of music stores look?
I think the emphasis has switched to more service, lessons, and accessories… things that the internet can’t provide with the same quality that your local shop can. I think there will always be some need for music stores, but only the guys who can adapt and keep their overhead low will remain in business.

Biggest challenge for your store for 2013?

Everything is a challenge. In this computer age, everyone has a music store in their home that they can order from. Keeping your business in the mind of the buyer is the hard part. So many companies are vying for everyone’s attention and dollar.

Exclusive Interview with Osiamo artist Michael Krysh at Frankfurt Musik Messe 2013

For those of us who don’t know please tell us a little bit about your musical background?

I play bass and guitar since 1982. I started on bass but have been going back and forth. I have always done original songs, very rarely covers. For me it’s a personal expression and I try to enjoy it has much as possible.

What musical musical projects are you working on right now?

Right now I’m working on my own original tunes that I hope to play bass and guitar live utilizing the Mooer Looper pedal when it comes out.

What role do you feel musical education plays?

I was not formally taught because my parents did not want to be a musician. I did it anyway. I had just some teachers from here and there to learn the basics. I spent years listening to albums etc… Young people today have so many choices to learn. There are so many schools out there with so many people graduating with a diploma but they all kind of sound the same to me.  I miss the personal individual sound in people’s playing these days.

What do you see for the future of music?

That’s a very tough question. Personally I think an artist has to learn to do everything themselves. There is no possibility to sell a record that will pay the bills. Do everything on your own. Make a proper web site. Promote yourself. Record yourself. Then go out and play live. You can’t rely on anybody else anyway. So just do it. Make a thing, market it. Just do it!

Why do you use all Osiamo products?

Well I use the UltraStrap because you gave it to me and I love it! The Pickboy Picks are the only alternative to the old picks I used to use that are not available any more. I have 2 more Mooer that I love. The Mooer Green Mile is a transistor overdrive that gives that “tubeness” to the tone that no other pedal at even for double the price can deliver. And the Mooer Trelicopter is perfect as well. They are small and a great ‘go to session’ solution. The R.Cocco are simply the best. Just the best!

Alpha Rev rocks Bowery Ballroom 4/25/2013

Alpha Rev, featuring Zak Loy on guitar, brought their version of sonic mastery to the Bowery Ballroom last week in NYC. The band played 8 melodic songs in their sold out performance including one completely acoustic song without any PA support from the venue. Osiamo endorsee Zak Loy played several guitars through Mooer micro pedals and picked with Pickboy picks to make it all happen!

Be sure to see Alpha Rev when they come to a city near you.

Stay tuned to for Alpha Rev’s tour schedule!

Alpha Rev Bowery Ballroom

Dealer Spotlight : Rogue Music NYC

Clay Rogue MusicStarting this month, May 2013,  we will feature one of our dealers on our blog. First up is Rogue Music, NY, NY. Rogue Music was born way back in 1983. Rogue started dealing used gear and today claims “the world’s largest single store inventory of used gear.” We asked Clay some questions about business.

How long has Rogue been in business?
30 years established 1983

How long have you been affiliated with Rogue?
24 established 1989

Why is Mooer doing so well at Rogue?
Excellent product, they sound great, perfect size, it’s something the salesmen are behind 100%.

How does the future of music stores look?
“The rent’s too damn high!” We are in a better position to compete because we buy and sell used gear in a big way. You have to focus on your strengths.

New Mooer pedal endorser Tony Natalizio

Tony Natalizio
Tony Natalizio is a lifelong student of music. He strives to continuously grow and change as a musician, which drives his intense urge to succeed. Tony is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Wooster, Ohio (now living in Burlington, NC). Blues, jazz, and country inspire his musical style.

Tony plays guitar and sings in Sentenza, whom released their self-titled, debut CD in July 2012. He is a regional performer playing with Sentenza and several other acts in North Carolina and surrounding states. With a goal of being involved in as many projects as possible, he has performed with many great players in North Carolina. Tony also teaches guitar lessons at Shomaker Guitars in Burlington, NC.

His first musical instrument was the saxophone, which he played in the school band. This was an important step in his music career. He learned to read music and perform at a young age. When he was 12, he received a guitar and started to teach himself how to play. After being self-taught for many years, Tony called upon local players for lessons to take his playing to another level. He continues to study and learn so that he may become as diverse as possible, and even has an Associate’s degree in recording engineering from Guilford Technical Community College in High Point, North Carolina.