Dealer Spotlight : Corner Music Nashville TN


How long has the store been in business?

In 1976, amid all the fireworks and hotdogs of America’s bicentennial, Corner Music opened its doors for the first time. Legend has it that Larry was just looking for a good place to fire up the grill for the 4th of July, but that has not been proven.

How long have you work at the store?

I came to Corner Music in 1996. I was hiding from the Grunge Movement. Nashville seemed like the perfectly logical place for a white guy who played funk to hang out. Or something.

Why is Mooer micro doing so well at your store?

Mooer is selling well in our store because they are a no-brainer; they sound good, they aren’t expensive, they are true bypass, and they economize the precious space on a pedalboard. Most guys these days are playing on stages the size of postage stamps, or they are old and can’t lift much. The rest (hipsters anyway) probably just like all the pretty colors. The little Moo-Moos are perfect for all those guys.

How does the future of music stores look?

Lots of Stairway to Heaven and Smoke On The Water. Unless you’re a keyboard player, and then it’s Jump.

Peace Love N’ Funk Zillaaaaaaahhhh


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