Meet Shem Creek Music Center’s Scottie Frier

Shem Creek Music Center

How long has the store been in business?

Shem Creek Music has been open since 2004.

Shem Creek Music Center's Scottie Friera

Scottie holding Dr J Green Crystal & Mooer Shimverb

How long have you worked at the store, Scottie?

Shem Creek Music was the first place I pulled into when I moved to Charleston fresh out of high school in 2008. I was the kid they couldn’t kick out of here since then, they hired me in 2010 to help out, then in 2011, began managing the store.

Why are Dr J and Mooer pedals doing so well at your store?

Osiamo offers several great pedals, but we have had the best success with Mooer and Dr. J pedals. Those pedals sell themselves. Let a customer play one and then ring them up later, it’s been that easy for us.  Great pedals.

How does the future of music stores look?

Music stores that have adapted to the changes with online sales and Guitar Center/Sam Ash/etc. have done so by pushing their service, as well as lessons and repairs. Lessons really fuel a music store. The lessons should sell the retail, and the retail should sell the lessons. That’s how we feel a successful store should run. If more stores take this model as well as competing with Guitar Center/online prices, music stores will have a very bright future.

Shem Creek Mooer display

Shem Creek Music Center’s Mooer pedal display

What is the biggest challenge for your store for this year and beyond?

Our biggest challenge is getting the greater Charleston area to come to our store and not go to a big box or online store. This is also a blessing for us, we do more repairs than anyone else in Charleston, as well as lessons. Our customers are usually our best salesmen. People come in every day with a “Bruce sent me” or “Bob told me you guys were the guys to go to.” I make damn sure that when they come in, they leave not only satisfied with their products and services that we offer, but also happier that they came in. You want customers to WANT to come back, not just need to. Our biggest challenge is catching that “average Joe” who just saw a GC commercial with a big sale, and he goes there instead of trying the local guy first. However, in Charleston, SC, there are stickers all over town with the saying “Be Local, Buy Local.” We’re very fortunate to have a town that really supports and goes the extra mile for small business like us. In return, we do the exact same for our customers.

Thanks for reading our blog. If you’re interested in learning more about our Dr J and Mooer pedals you can click over to and see what we have to offer; if you’re a music store and are interested in dealer opportunities send us an email at and we’ll get right back in touch with you. If you’re already one of our dealers we’d love to feature you in an upcoming blog too. Get in touch with us!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


KC Music Grand Opening Party – a HUGE Success!


Our newest dealer for Pickboy, Dr J and Mooer, KC Music, opened on October 4th with a big party, seven bands, prizes, guest appearances and so on. We asked the owner, Mark Ballard some questions about why he decided to get into MI retail.

You just opened a store so you must think the future of MI retailing is looking up.  Have you had experience working in MI retail? Would you share some of your thoughts with us?
I have never been in retail, not one second in my entire life – so I have no history to base my opinions on, just wild-eyed, naive enthusiasm. I have been told that I am insane to be be opening a B&M store period, but I believe I have a better idea. Once we get our store open and figure out a few more things we will begin lessons. We have five lesson rooms and lots of applicants for instructor positions. Our ace in the hole is our group/performance program that will commence in March once my non-compete contract is satisfied with School of Rock, LLC. At that point I am opening The KC Blues Academy, ,The KC Country Music Academy and KC Rock University, all  performance based programs that will maximize revenue. Individual lessons will be given in the store and group rehearsals will be held off-site because they are loud. The students’ discounted purchases will help the retail end survive the internet and GC who is opening a location about five miles away next year. I dislike them very much for the way they have treated friends of mine (former employees) and for the way they treated me during my 10 years at School of Rock

Why do you think Pickboy, Mooer and Dr J will do well at your store?
I am hoping that Mooer and Dr. J will be big sellers and I will be touting their compact, tru-bypass attributes and their affordability. Pickboy will be a snap to sell, I imagine I will be ordering more after Black Friday. Great stocking stuffers for the guitarist who things he or she has everything.


Biggest challenge for your KC Music for this year and beyond?
Our biggest challenge is making sure that *we never let down in terms of promotion and in-store events* (we have a cool stage, PA and backline permanently installed, we can also multi-track from the stage with a flip of a switch and a couple clicks on our computer) and seeking publicity opportunities. I am very good at this aspect of the business, so part of my focus will be there *every single day.*

Osiamo Dealer Spotlight :


Managing Director Max Kay with Osiamo Endorsee Zak Loy of Alpha Rev. (look out for a feature on guitarist Zak Loy in a future blogisode)

I opened as dealer of Osiamo product in the 2012. After speaking with Max via vis the the phone for many months I finally got a chance to meet him at the 2013 Winner NAMM show. Max is a great luthier/builder/repair guy and bassist! as well I promised to buy him a beer but I’m pretty sure he paid for it. Max I owe you another beer! – rr


How long have you guys been in business?

11 Years.

What Osiamo product do you carry and why?

Taurus Abigar MultiDrive SLTaurus pedals
The Taurus overdrive is the richest, most harmonically pure I have ever heard. After hearing the demo I didn’t want to give the pedal back. All the Taurus pedals are phenomenal.



rockready ultrastrap 3.5

When I injured my left shoulder I could barley wear a bass until I got my Ultrastrap. My guitar player that has a bad back wanted to try it and he refused to gave it back, so I had to get another. The clever Neoprene and shock-banding construction make it the perfect prescription for a bad shoulder or back. It makes my bass feel 3 pounds lighter compared to a traditional bass strap.

(ed. note : now the Rockready Ultrastrap)

RCocco strings are descendents of a string making family legacy in Italy that sold strings to Stradivarius, the greatest luthier of all time. String to string consistency is good and the sets are well balanced in tone, timbre, tension and feel.

What does the future hold in store for BBG?

We are doubling up our effort to stock hard to find parts for basses. When you need a less common bass part we will be ready for you.

Dealer Spotlight : East Village Music New York NY

East Village Music!

How long has the store been in business? 20 years

How long have you worked at the store? 21 years

Mooer pedals at EVMWhy are Mooer Pedals doing so well at your store? Size, Sound & Sizzle!

How does the future of music stores look? Better, now that Mooer Pedals are here ;D

Biggest challenge for your store for holiday season 2013 and beyond? Super Storms & Blizzards~

Dealer Spotlight : Corner Music Nashville TN


How long has the store been in business?

In 1976, amid all the fireworks and hotdogs of America’s bicentennial, Corner Music opened its doors for the first time. Legend has it that Larry was just looking for a good place to fire up the grill for the 4th of July, but that has not been proven.

How long have you work at the store?

I came to Corner Music in 1996. I was hiding from the Grunge Movement. Nashville seemed like the perfectly logical place for a white guy who played funk to hang out. Or something.

Why is Mooer micro doing so well at your store?

Mooer is selling well in our store because they are a no-brainer; they sound good, they aren’t expensive, they are true bypass, and they economize the precious space on a pedalboard. Most guys these days are playing on stages the size of postage stamps, or they are old and can’t lift much. The rest (hipsters anyway) probably just like all the pretty colors. The little Moo-Moos are perfect for all those guys.

How does the future of music stores look?

Lots of Stairway to Heaven and Smoke On The Water. Unless you’re a keyboard player, and then it’s Jump.

Peace Love N’ Funk Zillaaaaaaahhhh

Dealer Spotlight : Texas Guitar Ranch

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How long has the store been in business?
The retail store Murphy’s Music has been in business since 1969.

How long have you worked at the store?
Texas Guitar Ranch has been working with Murphy’s since 2011. I started buying and selling guitars in 1980.

Why are Mooer pedals doing so well at your store?
They are just great sounding pedals, and when people realize how great they sound and how little room they take up and the price point, they sell themselves. Our staff believes in them and recommends them to our customers.

How does the future of music stores look?
We think the future of music stores remains strong but stores have to keep on top of new technology and integrate it successfully to stay viable. And of course, we rely on support from manufacturers and distributors. Osiamo has consistently been a top notch supplier with superb products.

Biggest challenge for your store for 2013?
Finding great new products to offer our customers that keep them coming back to see what’s new. Good example… these Taurus stomp heads are amazing!

Dealer Spotlight : Steve’s Music Center Rock Hill NY

Steve's Music Centert

How long has the store been in business?
Since 4/1/ 1996

How long have you work at the store?
Since 4/1/1996
Mooer Firefly at Steve's Music Center
Why are Mooer pedals doing so well at your store?
Mooer pedals are doing well because they are priced right and offer a lot for that money. Plus, the size makes them just right for guys who have limited real estate on their pedalboards.

How does the future of music stores look?
I think the emphasis has switched to more service, lessons, and accessories… things that the internet can’t provide with the same quality that your local shop can. I think there will always be some need for music stores, but only the guys who can adapt and keep their overhead low will remain in business.

Biggest challenge for your store for 2013?

Everything is a challenge. In this computer age, everyone has a music store in their home that they can order from. Keeping your business in the mind of the buyer is the hard part. So many companies are vying for everyone’s attention and dollar.

Dealer Spotlight : Rogue Music NYC

Clay Rogue MusicStarting this month, May 2013,  we will feature one of our dealers on our blog. First up is Rogue Music, NY, NY. Rogue Music was born way back in 1983. Rogue started dealing used gear and today claims “the world’s largest single store inventory of used gear.” We asked Clay some questions about business.

How long has Rogue been in business?
30 years established 1983

How long have you been affiliated with Rogue?
24 established 1989

Why is Mooer doing so well at Rogue?
Excellent product, they sound great, perfect size, it’s something the salesmen are behind 100%.

How does the future of music stores look?
“The rent’s too damn high!” We are in a better position to compete because we buy and sell used gear in a big way. You have to focus on your strengths.