Dealer Spotlight : Steve’s Music Center Rock Hill NY

Steve's Music Centert

How long has the store been in business?
Since 4/1/ 1996

How long have you work at the store?
Since 4/1/1996
Mooer Firefly at Steve's Music Center
Why are Mooer pedals doing so well at your store?
Mooer pedals are doing well because they are priced right and offer a lot for that money. Plus, the size makes them just right for guys who have limited real estate on their pedalboards.

How does the future of music stores look?
I think the emphasis has switched to more service, lessons, and accessories… things that the internet can’t provide with the same quality that your local shop can. I think there will always be some need for music stores, but only the guys who can adapt and keep their overhead low will remain in business.

Biggest challenge for your store for 2013?

Everything is a challenge. In this computer age, everyone has a music store in their home that they can order from. Keeping your business in the mind of the buyer is the hard part. So many companies are vying for everyone’s attention and dollar.


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