Dealer Spotlight : Rogue Music NYC

Clay Rogue MusicStarting this month, May 2013,  we will feature one of our dealers on our blog. First up is Rogue Music, NY, NY. Rogue Music was born way back in 1983. Rogue started dealing used gear and today claims “the world’s largest single store inventory of used gear.” We asked Clay some questions about business.

How long has Rogue been in business?
30 years established 1983

How long have you been affiliated with Rogue?
24 established 1989

Why is Mooer doing so well at Rogue?
Excellent product, they sound great, perfect size, it’s something the salesmen are behind 100%.

How does the future of music stores look?
“The rent’s too damn high!” We are in a better position to compete because we buy and sell used gear in a big way. You have to focus on your strengths.


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