Cris Tian Interview

Artist Spotlight

Can you share a brief description of your musical background (gigs, tours and recording projects etc)?

I’ve been into music since a young age. I learned accordion and keys at the age of six. But since playing keys in my first cover-band at 14, I wanted to play another instrument, so I switched to guitar. Since the first day of playing guitar I felt that I found the perfect instrument for myself.

What do you have going on now?

At the moment I am on tour with the Austrian band “Serenity.” Visions of Atlantis is preparing the next record now, so there is a lot of song writing action at the moment. Above that I am going to open my own music school called “Learn to Rock” in Germany.

Where do you see the direction of music going in the future?

That’s a not an easy question. I hope that there will be more rock again, especially in Germany. At the moment, all we just have is this Hip Hop, Pop and Dance s**t. The Rock, Punk and Metal music is missing completely. So let’s hope for a return to Rock. When I look at my students I really get the feeling that it will come back – most of them want to play rock, so it has to be this way!

What role did music education have on your career?

I haven’t studied at a real music university or school. I learned a lot from private teachers, from very good musicians and from playing music on my own. You have to feel it and you have to go into the music you really like, then I think you are on the right way for getting educated. And that’s also something I try to teach my students. Learn and play what you really want to play, step by step and try to feel it, then you are into music better than getting taught only theory. I think theory is very important but sometimes it stops us from feeling the music because you play more with your mind than with your heart.

Why do you like Pickboy picks?

Since I started to play guitar I tried to find a pick that supports my style of playing, that creates the tone and the attack that I want to have in my playing. So one day I tried PICKBOY and I fell in love – completely!. Great feeling, great attack – everything that I want in a pick!


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