Andrea Bailo Interview

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Artist Spotlight

Can you share a brief description of your musical background?
Our music is made up of 2 styles of music. On one side we have the metal-core and on the other side hard-core. This is the perfect key to have a lot of fun on stage and for the fans. The metal side comes and goes. The hard core will never die. There are a lot of cool bands from the USA and UK trying this combination now.

What do you have going on now?
Stigma was born 10 years ago. In the last 5 years we changed our music direction to metal/ hard core but melody based. I hope for our new record which we are writing right now for 2012 release will be appreciated by our fans.

Where do you see the direction of music going in the future?
Music goes in a lot of different directions. IMHO there are 3 directions:

  1. Progressive – super technical;
  2. Metal Core – with pop or electronic basses; and
  3. Hard Core.

Our music is a combination of the last 2 styles. In general we going with a music that pays tribute to the past but sounds sonically totally modern.

What role did music education have on your career?
I start to play guitar when I was 9 years old just for fun. When you are young you don’t understand how important theory and education is to you. Later you understand that you need this education. I’m 25 years old and I’m still studying. Practicing is so important. You need someone to help you. It is important for every instrument. I’m still learning.

Why do you like Pickboy picks?
I’m using Pickboy Nylon 66 1.00mm, my bass player uses Nylon 66, 1.14 mm. I think this is a really good plectrum. I have been using them for 5 years now. They are really sharp and cool on the strings. The best part of the plectrum is the material. It is really comfortable and you get a really good grip!


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