Osiamo Dealer Spotlight : BestBassGear.com


Managing Director Max Kay with Osiamo Endorsee Zak Loy of Alpha Rev. (look out for a feature on guitarist Zak Loy in a future blogisode)

I opened http://www.BestBassGear.com as dealer of Osiamo product in the 2012. After speaking with Max via vis the the phone for many months I finally got a chance to meet him at the 2013 Winner NAMM show. Max is a great luthier/builder/repair guy and bassist! as well I promised to buy him a beer but I’m pretty sure he paid for it. Max I owe you another beer! – rr


How long have you guys been in business?

11 Years.

What Osiamo product do you carry and why?

Taurus Abigar MultiDrive SLTaurus pedals
The Taurus overdrive is the richest, most harmonically pure I have ever heard. After hearing the demo I didn’t want to give the pedal back. All the Taurus pedals are phenomenal.



rockready ultrastrap 3.5

When I injured my left shoulder I could barley wear a bass until I got my Ultrastrap. My guitar player that has a bad back wanted to try it and he refused to gave it back, so I had to get another. The clever Neoprene and shock-banding construction make it the perfect prescription for a bad shoulder or back. It makes my bass feel 3 pounds lighter compared to a traditional bass strap.

(ed. note : now the Rockready Ultrastrap)

RCocco strings are descendents of a string making family legacy in Italy that sold strings to Stradivarius, the greatest luthier of all time. String to string consistency is good and the sets are well balanced in tone, timbre, tension and feel.

What does the future hold in store for BBG?

We are doubling up our effort to stock hard to find parts for basses. When you need a less common bass part we will be ready for you.


Brooklyn Bowl Rolls On

brooklynGtrShow2013For the third consecutive year www.Osiamo.com will participate in the Spring New York Guitar Show on April 7th. From 10am to 5pm @ The Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg. Admission is free and all are welcome to buy, sell and trade. Osiamo.com will display Mooer Micro pedals, Pickboy picks, R.Cocco strings and Taurus guitar and bass pedals.

Osiamo.com will occupy it’s usual position on the Big Stage and will be able to accept credit cards at this show for the first time!

Of particular interest this year will be the Taurus StompHeads. The StompHead series of amps are a revolutionary way of thinking about a guitar amp placing all the controls at your feet. The the top of the line is the StompHead 4SL featuring an analog, switchable 40/70 watt amplifier integrated into a floor pedal. The 4SL incorporates 2 x 12ax7 tubes in the preamp section and has 3 gain stages. Its big brother is the 4HG (High Gain version) which produces a more modern compressed tone. The range is rounded out by the 1BL and 3BL. Both with a few less features and power but at a more affordable price point.

For more information visit www.facebook.com/BrooklynGuitarShow

Exclusive interview with David Ullmann

David Ullmann R.Cocco artist

1) Tell us about your musical background?
I first started playing guitar because I heard The Beatles, and I wanted to play music just like that. Growing up I played a lot in rock band and clubs around New York City. Later, I got more interested in improvised music, especially jazz. I thought it was cool how you could spontaneously create something with other people, communicating through music. I decided to pursue a music degree and eventually graduated from the New School jazz program, where I got to study and play with some really great people.

2) What are you working on now?
This past summer I released my second album, Falling. It’s with this quintet of fantastic players and all-around good guys. We’ve been playing around the east coast for the last few months, and the album has gotten some nice reviews, so I’m pleased with the result. I’ve also really enjoyed working with the quintet, so now I’m thinking about doing a follow-up album with the same group, but maybe with a bit of a different sound.

I’m also finishing up a new recording featuring a septet, playing all original compositions. I’m looking forward to releasing that record sometime in 2013. Also, a horror film I scored called “Happy House” recently had its first screening at the Orlando Film Festival.

When I’m not playing or composing, I’m doing marathon training. Since the NYC race didn’t happen this year, I’m excited to be running the Miami marathon in January.

3) What is the role of education in music?
Through learning about music and becoming a better musician, I really “learned how to learn,” I mean the process of getting better at something and developing a skill. I think everyone should learn how to play an instrument. Aside from the joy you get from playing music, you also develop a discipline that you can apply to anything you do. For instance, training to run a marathon!

I’ve been teaching music and guitar for many years, and I continue to learn from my students. By teaching something, you learn more about it and appreciate it more. One of the amazing things about music is that there’s always more to learn.

4) How do you feel about the current ‘state of the music industry’?
These days there are so many avenues and opportunities to present your music, to get it out and heard, it’s exciting. Now a musician doesn’t have to rely on a record label to be able to promote their own music. On the other hand, I still mourn the loss of record stores. In some way we’ve lost the human and physical element of discovering music. I used to find so much great music that way, just being able to visit a local record shop and talk to someone to learn about what’s new and innovative… you just don’t have that option anymore. I hope in the future there will be a way to bring the human, social element back into music. Maybe jazz is a genre that can make that happen.

5) Why do use R.Cocco Strings?
I like R.Cocco strings because of their balance and precision. When I put them on, the guitar really opens up. It sounds and feels better, so it’s more fun to play. I use them on my Strat for playing live rock and reggae. The tension and response feels great and it sounds super clear… I can get a really nice funk tone, as well as a big, searing sound for solos.

Exclusive Interview with Sonny Lanegan of The Dark

Sonny Lanegan of The Dark

What are you working on now?
I play bass for The Dark. The first single will be released in September 2012, followed by a video clip. We are going to start recording the whole album in October 2012. I sing and write music for White Pulp. The new album “Vulgarity is not a Felony” was released in July 2012. The promotion is running and we got an amazing response from press and fans. Through radio stations from all over the US, which happily picked up the album, people can nationwide enjoy my music. The release will be followed by a tour in winter 2012.

Tell us about your musical background?
I grew up listening to a lot of bands. I believe that in order to start writing music you should be open to different genres and be pretty open minded. Trent Reznor and Maynard James Keenan are definitely two of my biggest influences. They both found a way to create something unique, extremely attracting and at the same time melodic.

What is the role of education in music?
Personally I didn’t go to school to study music. I think to be a good songwriter it is really important to have a wide musical culture. I gained all my knowledge just by playing in several bands and listening to a lot of music.

How do you feel about the current ‘state of the music industry’?
As we all know the music industry has been going through many problems for years. It is not the same as it was 10 years ago and it gets harder and harder for musicians to promote themselves with only little help. Social networks and digital platforms can be good tools to give you bigger exposure for little money. At the same time I miss the good old days when there was a full crew working with and around a band in order to succeed in the best way possible.

Why do use Pickboy Picks and R.Cocco strings?
I had the chance to try Pickboy Picks with more than one gauge and I prefer those over other brands. The combination of Pickboy Picks and R.Cocco strings is perfect for me. Also the R.Cocco strings are absolutely awesome. The strings last a very long time and I’m happy to not change them so often. But even better, the sound is incredible. My favorites are the RC4F set (45-65-80-100). The sound of it is unbelievable.

I’m glad to be endorsed by you guys.

Osiamo exhibiting at Brooklyn Autumn Guitar Show Sept 9, 2012

Brooklyn Autumn Guitar Show 2012

Osiamo LLC is proud to be participating in the Brooklyn Autumn Guitar Show. We’ll be exhibiting Mooer micro pedals, Pickboy guitar picks, our very own Ultra Straps, and R.Cocco strings. We’ll be sharing space with Phil Jones Amps. Stop by and see say hi to Rawn, Michael, and Jeremy. See you there!

Sunday September 9th 2012, Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11249. 11am to 5pm. map

FREE Admission!!!

Summer NAMM 2012 : Public Day

The last day of summer NAMM was public day. We had many local guitars stop by and check out Mooer micro pedals, Pickboy, R.Cocco and Taurus.

New to our artist list for Mooer are Tommy Bolan, Dylan Rosson, Johnny Reno and Saul Zonana. We also have 4 new Mooer dealers: Leonards Music, LLC Sumter, SC, The Musicians Exchange Van Buren, AR, Pittsburgh Guitars Pittsburgh, PA, and Superior Music Mt. Juliet, TN. Welcome on board all!

We also had some music industry luminaries stop and say hello including Tom Bowlus of Bass Gear Magazine and music lawyer extraordinaire, Ron Bienstock.

Some more Mooer pedals demos including one by our new Mooer endorsee, Dylan Rosson, on the Hustle Drive.

Summer NAMM 2012 : Day 2

Another super busy day for us at Summer NAMM 2012. Many dealers, artists, and industry all-stars stopped by and visited with us on Friday.

And of course, more demos of the tremendously popular Mooer micro pedals.

Summer NAMM 2012 : Day 1

Day 1 Summer NAMM was a great success for us. We had many dealers and friends stop by our booth and check out our new Mooer pedal line, Pickboy picks, R.Cocco strings and Taurus pedals.

We also have some videos so you can hear why people are getting all excited about Mooer micro pedals.

Al Turner Interview

hand-made, hand-selected music products

Artist Spotlight

Can you tell us a few highlights from your career?
I am currently Music Director and bassist for KEM. In addition I tour and record with Earl Klugh and Bob James. I have also recorded with, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, KEM, Oleta Adams, Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle and Nancy Wilson just to name a few. I’ve toured the world over, performed at the White House twice and recorded two solo records.

What do think of the state of music today?
I feel really good about the state of music. Technology has allowed us to make music in a different way. Real musicians are still the key for me. Great songs are being recorded daily, which always stand the test of time.

What do you think the role of music education is?
I love the fact that there are young musicians around the world pursuing music as a career. Music Education is very important and we need more of it in the public school systems.

What’s coming up in the future for you?
I have a new record coming out and I am very excited about that. In addition, I am writing and producing for other artist. Tours to follow in 2012.

Why do you use R Cocco strings?
R. Cocco strings are simply Great!!! They sound wonderful in the studio or live and last a very long time. I love them!