Meet Dee Leung the Designer of Dr J Effect Pedals

Dee Leung Dr J Make Your Own Tone
What was your initial inspiration the led to creating Pedals?
I think most of brand of effect pedal in China are just following some bad fashion. They use some cheap and inferior component and low the price. And I want to make some pedals that more exquisite, special, adjustable, and with humanization design, regardless of the cost.

You play guitar, tell us, what’s on your pedalboard?
I love playing guitar! I love every kind of sound from the instrument and what it can create with a band. And I always think deeply about the every type of instrument and their tone. I know how important they are and what they sound like.

Dee LeungThere are all Dr.J pedals in my pedalboard, and I will even use the D53 Sparrow Bass DI on some occasions. And I also have a lot pedals from other brands like DOD、BOSS、OKKO、LOVEPEDAL、BARBER、WAMPLER and so on.

What’s the strangest request you ever received (besides this crazy interview)?
Actually, there is not much request that would let me feel strange. (I’m strange enough 🙂 ).

Who are some of the more well-known Dr J users and endorsees?
We have Jose de Castro plus many others.

What’s coming up in 2015 for Dr J?
It is a business secret 🙂 , but I promise there would be something we take serious.


Demolition of the Chocolate Apocalypse


Back in April of this calendar year we revived a communication through our Facebook/Pickboy page from a young guitarist named JJ Murphy. Let me preface this all by mentioning that we receive solicitations for endorsement and/or sponsorship on a daily basis.

Rarely do these amount to more than something like this: “This is Bobby Fastfingers and I play for Demolition of the Chocolate Apocalypse. Give me something for free because everybody who sees me play in my garage thinks I’m great”

Well JJ Murphy wrote, “I play in a band named Dynamo and we just cut a live CD at Ocean Ways Studio.” Needless to say he had pinged my musical attention radar. So I responded, “Send me your EPK to my email address. Usually this separates the pretenders from the alphas. If you don’t know what an EPK is you can’t send it.

The next day I receive JJ’s Electronic Press Kit in my inbox. Here’s his opening paragraph:

“My name is JJ Murphy, I am a 24 year old Nashville based guitarist. Fellow musicians have encouraged me to reach out to you and inquire about getting an artist sponsorship.  After every performance I do, guitarists ask me about my gear and even go as far as to take pictures of my set up and ask if I could loan them some of the picks I use. I have been using mainly your Pos-a-Grip 1.5mm and the carbon/nylon 1.14mm picks and they have been amazing.”

He was even gracious enough to indicate the exact time his solo started in the first video!

“I solo at 2:22”

I figured I’d start there and if he didn’t burn I’d blow him off. I have a stock ‘you’re making great progress, not what we are looking for, keep us posted of your future…..’ rejection letter ready to send. I would not be hitting the send button on that letter that day. What I heard knocked my socks off!

There seems to be a movement of late of bands that can actually play. They make music that matter. Bands like Snarky Puppy and Dirty Loops are putting emphasis song writing, tight arrangements and tasteful soloing.

Dynamo is absolutely in this same class.

Every now and then a band or artist comes along that gives us hope that there is still great music being created. It’s our jobs as listeners and fans to seek out and support the best of the music that speaks to us. JJ Murphy and Dynamo are sharks in an ocean of musically inferior minnows.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Pickboy endorsee, JJ Murphy!

Click here to learn more about JJ Murphy and Dynamo.


Al Di Meola using Taurus Dexter Octaver pedal

AlDiMeola with Taurus DexterFor Immediate Release

Al Dimeola using Taurus Dexter Octaver pedal

NEW YORK, NY – Jun 1 2014 – Osiamo, LLC and Taurus are proud to announce guitar legend Al Di Meola as a user of the Dexter octave pedal by Taurus.

The Dexter is a -1/+1 octaver that tracks equally as well on guitar and bass. Both upper and lower octaves have independent “range” controls which allows the user to emphasize either the up, down or both octaves.

This 12 volt pedal utilizes 24 bit technology. This helps eliminate unwanted glitches and assists the pedal’s polyphonic ability thus making this THE octaver for guitarists who wish to play multi-note chords!

Click here to watch videos.


LEVEL (-1) – LO-octave level adjustment.

RANGE (-1) – LO-octave frequency range adjustment.

In the MAX position the lower octave runs throughout the bandwidth and reacts to the entire scale of sound. In the MIN position the lowest frequency is limited, which means that the lower octave reacts less effectively to the lowest frequency sounds. This way you can eliminate the lowest sound frequency, which is not clear and blurs the sound of an instrument when playing lower registers, leaving only the more desirable harmonics.

LEVEL (+1) – Hi-octave level adjustment.

RANGE (+1) – Hi-octave frequency range adjustment.

In the MAX position the upper octave runs throughout the bandwidth and reacts to the entire scale of sound. In the MIN position the highest frequency of the upper octave is limited – octaver processes the highest frequency sounds. This way you can eliminate very high frequencies, which may sound too high and artificial in some instruments when processed in upper octave.

OUT LEVEL – adjusting the output signal level

Power supply: external power supply 12V/150mA

Dimensions: (H x W x D) 65 x 122 x 144mm

Net weight: 0,6kg

Gross weight (Effect + power supply):1,0kg

For additional information or inquiries about the Dexter or other Taurus products contact Edward Matthiack or visit


Edward Matthiack
Osiamo LLC
2753 Broadway Suite 333
New York, NY 10025


Exclusive Interview with Mike Bendy

Mike Bendy Ultra Strap

1) Tell us about your musical background?
Since I heard Jimi Hendrix play the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ at the age of 4, I knew music was IT for me. My brother John Bendy started playing guitar a year before me; when my father asked me what instrument I wanted to pursue, to not totally copy my brother, I chose the electric bass.

My first bass hero was Cliff Burton of Metallica and about a year later I was introduced to Mr. Les Claypool. Things changed when I was 13 and discovered Jaco Pastorius… I haven’t been the same since. Through Jaco, I was introduced and inspired by a multitude of music from Jazz to Caribbean and everything in between. Being influenced by so many different styles of music and musicians, I developed my own personal identity as a musician.

2) What are you working on now?
Currently, I am a part of a slew of ideas and projects. I am working with keyboardist and composer Sean Wayland as well as an up and coming heavy metal band, Resolution15, which replaces the guitar with a 7-string electric violin. Besides my steady gigs with the Bendy Effect, and the Felix Pastorius Group (Hipster Assassins), which feature musicians such as Felix Pastorius, Julius Pastorius, John Bendy, Chris Ward, Kenny Grohowski, Michael Purcell, Ian Rapien, Devin Collins and William Tatge among many others. In my spare time, I compose as much as I can and am inspired by my amazingly beautiful and creative wife, Kate Bendy.

3) What is the role of education in music?
I do not have any formal education in music besides for my band teacher, Paul Myrusky, who taught me how to read music and theory. My music education began with my brother and I bouncing ideas off each other and starting numerous bands in our teens. From there I made a musical pilgrimage down to Florida to visit the grave of Jaco Pastorius… While I was down there I located his house in Deerfield Beach… When I finally garnered up the courage I knocked on his front door and Felix answered. Felix, Julius and I met a year before at Bass Day 2000 up in NYC, so we immediately connected from where we left off. Then soon after that Ingrid Pastorius took me under her wing and had me move in with the family… While living there I had the blessing of studying Jaco’s hand written charts and began my lifelong relationship with Julius and Felix. The other huge part of my music education was going to see both the Wayne Krantz Trio and David Binney Group weekly at the 55 Bar in the west village!!! Those groups really changed how I see, hear and play music.

4) How do you feel about the current ‘state of the music industry’?
It’s show business… so there’s obviously gonna be a lot of bullshit surrounding the real meaning… creating and performing MUSIC. It used to bother me, now I know what is real and what is illusionary. You have to be true to yourself and as honest as possible when playing, all the other things should fall into place… EVENTUALLY 😉 Keep on improving and strive to be better every day.

5) Why do use Ultra Straps?
Ultra straps are extremely balanced and comfortable. Even with some of my heavier basses… everything is comfortable and easy on the back/shoulders. Why not use Ultra Straps??

Osiamo shows Mooer micro pedals at 2012 CMJ / Deli Stomp Box Exhibit

Mooer pedal board at 2012 CMJ Stomp Box Exhibit

Osiamo is showing a Mooer micro pedal board at this year’s CMJ / Deli Stomp Box Exhibit. The event is being held at Main Drag Music in Brooklyn NY on Friday, October 19 and Saturday, October 20 from 12pm-9pm each day.

We fit an incredible 21 pedals on a board! The Mooer micro pedals are an incredible value and space saver.

Just bring your guitar to the event and plug and play. It’s that simple. For more details about the event click here.

Brooklyn Autumn Guitar Show report

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Osiamo enjoyed another successful showing at the Brooklyn Autumn Guitar Show. We were graced with appearances by Mooer endorsers John Bendy, Jon Diaz and Danny Muniz as well as Pickboy Endorser Christian Colabelli.

These little Mooer micro pedals are gaining BIG market share. More and more consumers arrive at the booth already aware of the Mooer product line. The Mooer Little Monster AC 5 watt, class A, all tube amp was also very well received.

We look forward to our next regional show at Valley Forge, PA in Nov.

Exclusive Interview with Johnny Reno Prentice

Tell us about your musical background
My whole family are professional musicians, so I grew up surrounded by music and musicians. I didn’t get interested until I was 12, and I wanted to play the real guitar because I sucked at Guitar Hero. Once I started being able to play just a little, it became all I wanted to do, and I played all the time, even gave my PS2 away so I’d spend more time on the guitar! I started going to a lot of recording sessions with my Dad and all these amazing, world class guitar players were really cool to me and very supportive. I still learn a lot from them.

What are you working on now?
My main project is my own band, the BOY WONDER BAND, ( where I get to play with a total badass band of seasoned pros, who are all like family, except for my brother, who IS my family. We play regularly at BB King’s in Nashville and it’s made me have to learn how to think on my feet and manage my energy for a four hour gig. I’m also trying to get comfortable with all the genres of music like jazz, fusion, country, funk, R&B and soul music.

What is the role of education in music?
I always hated school, but I like learning… well, guitar at least. I’m home schooled and so I’m kinda in music school all the time, minus the girls, for now. For real, I spend at least five hours a day playing. Unlike regular school, I also get to study with really great musicians and music is what I want to do for a living anyway. Other than playing the guitar, I’m kinda useless, so it’s a good thing I have a regular gig!

How do you feel about the current ‘state of the music industry’?
That doesn’t really concern me yet and my total focus is on being the best player I can possibly be. All my mentors tell me that’s the only important thing at this point.

Why do use Mooer pedals?
1) they sound awesome,
2) they are tiny,
3) they’re TRUE BYPASS!!!!! and
4) Rawn is easily one of the the coolest guys out there!

For more information about Johnny and Boy Wonder Band visit :

For more information about Mooer pedals visit :

Osiamo at ‘Da Space’

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Osiamo LLC is proud to announce we share space with Phil Jones Amplification in their Clifton, NJ Showroom. The entire Osiamo product line is on display. Full Mooer and Taurus pedal boards are available along with R.Cocco Strings, UltraStraps and Pickboy Picks. The New StompHead Guitar Amp from Taurus and the Mooer Little Monster AC are also powered up for auditioning.

Also on display are Xotic Pedals, Guitars and Basses as well as Phil Jones Bass Amps and Air Pulse Guitar Amps.

The Showroom is available by appointment only so please contact Brand Mgr. Rawn Randall @ 917-464-3772 or send him an email rawn (at) ‘Da Space’ is located at 45 East Madison Ave Room J Clifton, NJ 07011.