Meet the Builder of the MxD : Joe Bochar

What was your initial inspiration the led to the MxD?

Pedals began with the need to get crunchy tones thru a tube amp at low
volumes. I was playing with some guys and the local venues were very
small… anything over 30 watts was going to be over the top as far as
volume goes. I was using an old Princeton Reverb and even that was pushing
it… sometimes it ended up being a Vox AC4 thru a 1×12 cab. I wanted to
get a crunchy, plexi-ish sound at a low volume, but I also wanted to switch
some sort of “boost” to add some extra gain/grind for solos.

Do you play an instrument?

I do play… 30 years now! I don’t have a dedicated “pedalboard”, as
much as bring things to gigs depending on who I play with. Most of the time
it’s a modded wah, and MxD for classic rock guys. For more modern stuff (or
in situations I can really go off the deep end) I will add a Whammy 2, and
an FM-4 filter pedal.

What’s the strangest request you ever received (besides this questionnaire)?

Can’t think of anything “strange”.

Who are some of the more famous users and endorsees?’

We have Larry Mitchell using the pedal.

What’s coming up in 2015?

2015 looks to be an expansion year: larger shop/working area, more
designs/expand the pedal line, some limited run pedals. Moving forward one
step at a time.

Check out some of Joe’s super nice, hand-crafted guitars on his site.


Introducing the MxD Max Drive pedal from JBGuitars



Osiamo is proud to introduce the MxD, from JBGuitars. The MxD is the most complete and comprehensive Overdrive pedal we have ever played! This is an incredibly well thought out and MxD-BOX2_SHD_1000executed unit; it covers the range from early JTM45 to JCM800 to Modded JCM800, for Modern/Heavier styles. The MxD does all of this, while being truly dynamic and maintaining the character of your guitar and amp. Playing the MxD, feels like you’re plugged into an amp and not playing a pedal.

There have been other excellent Boost, Overdrive, and Hi-Gain pedals; this is the first pedal that combines all three, in one package, with a few twists of its own. The MxD is not a copy of an old design; it’s an entirely new approach to Overdrive pedals. Besides the normal Level, Drive and Tone controls, the MxD adds SAT, MAX, SHIFT, and CLIP controls.

MxD-BOX3_SHD_1000SAT determines how saturated your signal will be. Like turning up a tube amp, SAT adds levels of thickness, gain, and sustain. SAT works independently of the DRIVE control, to give you the ultimate in tonal flexibility. Higher levels of SAT and lower levels of DRIVE deliver “pushed” Vintage amp tones; lower levels of SAT and Higher levels of DRIVE let you crank out great Classic Rock tones.
Raising both the SAT and Drive controls will put you in Metal heaven!

MAXMxD-SWITCHSIDE1_SHD_1000, when selected, sets the DRIVE and SAT controls to their maximum value (regard-
less of their knob settings); this is ideal for a Solo/Gain boost. The MAX feature can
also be set to only affect the DRIVE control.

SHIFT, in the Modern position, is perfect for adding that tight low-end bass boost. Select the Classic position, for a non-boosted bass response.

CLIPMxD-REAR_SHD_1000 gives you even more tone options. This feature allows you to switch in Diode Clipping, for even more levels of Overdrive. With CLIP turned off, the MxD sounds a little less compressed and more open.

Each MxD pedal is hand wired/assembled in the USA, using the highest quality parts and is built for Real-World use. The MxD comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The MxD features True Bypass switching.

Price $379.00
Click Here for more information.