Frankfurt Muzikmesse 2013

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The Frankfurt Muzikmesse is always an exciting show and a great place to meet with our suppliers. This year was no exception as our musical partners unveiled many new and exciting products.

Many of our suppliers don’t exhibit at NAMM so Muzikmesse is a great opportunity for us to see new products and discuss new ideas. Richard Cocco, Taurus, and Mooer displayed this year at Muzikmess.

We are really looking forward to the next few months when these products arrive at our warehouse.

Taurus is celebrating 30 years of making guitar and bass gear this year. And to show us that they are not going to rest they are debuting several new pedals and amplifiers. You can see a short video of some of the new product from Taurus here.

Building on their success with their Silver Line pedals and Stomp-Head series Taurus will release in the coming months :

DEXTER : Fast and accurate octave pedal with -1/+1 options for bass and guitar
BASS and GUITAR ENGINE : Two channel preamp pedals
QUBE 300 : Ultra light & compact 300 watt micro bass amp weighing 1.7 kg / 3.75 lbs
VANDALL : Two channel bass amps available in 300 and 600 watt versions
STOMP-HEAD 2BL : 60 watt portable guitar amp with a tube preamp

Our partners at Mooer introduced a new Pro Pedal Series and added more pedals to their very successful micro series. The micro series keeps growing and getting better. Soon there will be over 50 pedals in the micro line.

Mooer will release in the next few months:

New micro pedals
Baby Tuner : micro tuner pedal
Yellow Comp : compressor pedal
UltraDrive Mk II : overdrive pedal
Micro DI : direct box pedal
Noise Killer : noise suppressor pedal
Thunderball : bass fuzz pedal

Pro Pedal Series
All these pedals build on the features found in the micro series. There are some really nice sounds here!
Reecho Pro
Shim Verb Pro
Ana Echo Pro
Twin Looper

We’ll have some more news for you soon about some new and really cool products that we’ll be importing soon.


Dario Deidda Interview

Artist Spotlight

For people in America who don’t know you can give us a brief background on yourself?

I’m an electric and upright bass player. My father was a pianist and jazz music lover as were my brothers. My entire family started on piano. I changed over to bass when I was 15 years old.

Who have you played with?

I have played with a lot of jazz players such as Dave Lieberman, Mulgrew Miller, George Coleman, and Carl Anderson. My first solo album in 2003, “3 From The Ghetto”, was a jazz trio CD.

What are you doing now musically?

I am playing (maybe too much) many projects with other people as a sideman. Finally for the first time my brothers and I have a CD coming out in the next few months. We played all the instruments! I have many other CD’s coming but not under my name.

What about the future?

I am thinking about my 2nd album. I think maybe it may be a solo bass CD with some overdubs and some drums, kind of like Django but with bass. It will have all styles of music on it, not just jazz because I love pop music too.

What is the state of music right now?

In Italy it’s one of the worse places because it’s very impossible to find producers to do original music. I think it’s the same all over the world right now. I hope in the future it will be possible to hear ‘good’ music on the radio and on television. On television you never see good music any more.

Why do you use R. Cocco Strings?

They are the best strings in the world. Not just for the sound and touch but also the because of the owner. He is an artist. He continues to evolve and improve the strings. It’s never enough for Mr. Alphonso Annecchiarico. He never thinks about the price first. He thinks about making the best quality strings. That’s a true Artist!

Editors Note:

Darrio’s first CD, “3 From The Ghetto“, can be found on iTunes.

And here are some Youtube videos featuring Dario: