Meet Adam K the Designer of Taurus Effects

Taurus Team Frankfurt

What was your initial inspiration the led to creating Taurus?

Music was always in the first place. My head was full of sounds served by Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Wish Bone Ash, David Gilmour and others. It was really hard to get decent music gear in Poland back in the 80’s – I had some knowledge and ideas, those two factors combined lead me to my first projects. It seems this project was good enough, so other musicians started asking me if I can do another units for them.

Adam's first band

Do you play an instrument?

Yes of course. I am a guitar player. I don’t think I would start doing amps otherwise.

What’s the strangest request you ever received (besides this bloody questionnaire)?

There was a lot of strange requests and demands in over 30 years of Taurus history, but to be honest strangest are coming from my head. That is why Taurus offers devices like Stomp-Heads that are far beyond “tradition” of guitar heads. I am always trying to push my own limits to create something unique, something that I would like to have as a musician.

Who are some of the more famous Taurus Users and Endorsees?

I am proud to say that a lot of great musicians put their trust into Taurus, and it is really hard to list all of them. For sure it is worth to mention people like Nathan East, Al Di Meola, Wojtek Pilichowski, Marcus Miller or Wes Borland, but I have same respect and positive energy for all of those who choose Taurus as a tool in their artistic journey.

What’s coming up in 2015 for Taurus?

When it comes about new projects we Adam and Matare planning to enhance Stomp-Head guitar amplifiers family with brand new Stomp-Head 1 and Stomp-Head 5. Also we are not going to forget about bass players, so we will launch double channel Vandall-300 head and probably new line of bass combos. In 2015 we will be also focused on promoting the brand and our flagship products – Stomp-Heads in USA and other parts of the globe!


Al Di Meola using Taurus Dexter Octaver pedal

AlDiMeola with Taurus DexterFor Immediate Release

Al Dimeola using Taurus Dexter Octaver pedal

NEW YORK, NY – Jun 1 2014 – Osiamo, LLC and Taurus are proud to announce guitar legend Al Di Meola as a user of the Dexter octave pedal by Taurus.

The Dexter is a -1/+1 octaver that tracks equally as well on guitar and bass. Both upper and lower octaves have independent “range” controls which allows the user to emphasize either the up, down or both octaves.

This 12 volt pedal utilizes 24 bit technology. This helps eliminate unwanted glitches and assists the pedal’s polyphonic ability thus making this THE octaver for guitarists who wish to play multi-note chords!

Click here to watch videos.


LEVEL (-1) – LO-octave level adjustment.

RANGE (-1) – LO-octave frequency range adjustment.

In the MAX position the lower octave runs throughout the bandwidth and reacts to the entire scale of sound. In the MIN position the lowest frequency is limited, which means that the lower octave reacts less effectively to the lowest frequency sounds. This way you can eliminate the lowest sound frequency, which is not clear and blurs the sound of an instrument when playing lower registers, leaving only the more desirable harmonics.

LEVEL (+1) – Hi-octave level adjustment.

RANGE (+1) – Hi-octave frequency range adjustment.

In the MAX position the upper octave runs throughout the bandwidth and reacts to the entire scale of sound. In the MIN position the highest frequency of the upper octave is limited – octaver processes the highest frequency sounds. This way you can eliminate very high frequencies, which may sound too high and artificial in some instruments when processed in upper octave.

OUT LEVEL – adjusting the output signal level

Power supply: external power supply 12V/150mA

Dimensions: (H x W x D) 65 x 122 x 144mm

Net weight: 0,6kg

Gross weight (Effect + power supply):1,0kg

For additional information or inquiries about the Dexter or other Taurus products contact Edward Matthiack or visit


Edward Matthiack
Osiamo LLC
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