Music China 2013

Dr J Armor BufferWhile we didn’t attend this year’s edition of Music China, two of our manufacturers were there showing some new products and attracting big crowds. Both Dr J and Mooer had sucessful shows and we look forward to releasing some new and very exciting products in the very near future.

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Dr J introduced the Armor Buffer – more about this very cool and very useful pedal soon – and had Jose de Castro perform at their booth. There are some many more new products in the works and we’ll keep you posted here with updates.

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Mooer Audio introduced several new products at the show and was delighted to be joined by two artists that demonstrated the different product lines. The full line up of the popular Mooer Micro Series was displayed in the booth. Mooer is the leader in micro pedals – many of them are based on vintage sounds, others are unique to Mooer. All of them have the excellent Mooer design and tone, feature True Bypass and are housed in a tough metal shell.

One of our artists, Neil Zaza, gave a very passionate, awesome performance showcasing his signature pedal – The Juicer.

Artist Jose de Castro demo’d the brand new Spark series as well as many of our different amps and multi-effect pedals.



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