Reggie Washington Workshop/Concert @ Zagreb Guitar Show 2012

Reggie Washington R.Cocco artist
Reggie Washington, R.Cocco artist, is a special guest of this year’s Bassmasters Series at the second annual Zagreb Guitar Show. Reggie will appear on the 25th of October in Zagreb’s VIP Club. He will present his workshop in the afternoon and perform in the evening with local musicians. Stay tuned for more information about Reggie’s workshops and performances.

Adds Reggie,

One of my workshops is entitled “Anatomy of MY Groove”!
Here’s a brief synopsis:

“Anatomy of My Groove” is an open discussion & analysis of the concept of Groove.
Everyone’s groove is different depending on where you come from, what you’ve listened to over your years. These things have an effect on your playing. These & other factors have an influence on how you conceptualize all music too. I’ll briefly speak of “My Groove” then;
1) Everyone will first explain where we come from
2) What music we’ve listened to in our early years of development to now

We’ll also analyze the finer points of what makes up a groove & use them together in real time. Not only for bassists; this is open to ALL musicians who want to find their groove !

Let the grooves fly!!*

Peace out;
Reggie W.


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