Marblehead guitars by Matt Levonian

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One of our Pickboy users sent us some pictures of some really cool guitars he is building. These are some pics of the “MarbleHead” guitars (the “Magnetic” line) he has been making. They’re based (construction-wise) on Dan Electros. They have a maple frame, Masonite top & Back and have purposely unsophisticated paint-jobs using genuine Rust-O-Leum paint! They play and sound amazing, according to Matt himself. The fact that they’re mostly hollow except for a block under the bridge makes them very resonant and toneful. The one with the wood top is his “jazz” model, with slightly larger body. It’s full-hollow, uses a humbucking Charlie Christian pickup and really nails a full, fat jazz tone.

Matt tracked us down because he was in need of the rare and toneful “Clown Barf” picks. It seems these Pickboy picks are the perfect accompaniment to his “MarbleHead” guitars. Who knew?
Pickboy Clown Barf 1.00mm


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