Mattia Sisca Interview

Artist Spotlight

Can you share a brief description of the your music gear?

  • Fender Stratocaster Made In USA Black with Seymour Duncan Hot Rails Pick Ups and Floyd Rose;
  • Fender Stratocaster Made In USA Olympic White with 2 DiMarzio YJM Pick Ups (Neck and Middle) + 1 DiMarzio HS-3 Stack (Bridge);
  • Head Engl Savage 120- E 610;
  • Engl E412 VINTAGE VS;
  • Boss pedals: DD-3 (Delay); RV-5 (Reverb); GE-7 (Equalizer); Cry Baby; Shure SM57

What do you have going on now?

We will play a lot of concerts out of Italy in countries like Germany, Bulgaria, Switzerland, and Sweden. We are confirmed as headliner for 2013 in Hamburg after the great success obtained in April 2012. We will play lots of performances with famous international artists, lots of concerts in Italy, lots of interviews with the most important Italian and international Metal magazines. Then there is another concert with Michael Angelo Batio in 2013. I got on very well with him very and I hold him in high esteem. I had in 2012 a concert him which was a great success. We have all the tracks that will be soon in our album and lots of labels are interested in our project.

Where do you see the direction of music going in the future?

I hope always that music is going to be played with musical instruments, and I have confidence in the future of metal, rock, blues and jazz.

What role did music education have on your career?

I think that music education is very important when the goal is to become a professional musician.

Music education, both theoretical and pratical are needed in order to understand the basics and to make you more confident especially if your performances are in important venues together with important people like Michael Angelo Batio, whom I admire a lot because he is ‘The Shredder’ by definition. But music education isn’t the only important aspect, because you need also patience and hard dedication to be original and expressive. In fact it is necessary to have ideas and not to stop. I want to realize all these ideas with my Neoclassic, Power Metal band with Progressive influences LUNAR EXPLOSION.

Why do you use Pickboy picks?

Simply and sincerely because Pickboy Picks are the best product in terms of reliability, precision and quality.

When you need to shred with the guitar you need picks which have a particular and sharp tip, these characteristics are incorporated in Pickboy picks. I love the Pickboy pick in Carbon Nylon 1.14mm. This model has a great thickness and with this pick model every note is particularly powerful and has great tone – it does NOT sound like plastic. Last thing, in your pick the picture in relief of the marijuana leaf helps me to keep a great grip when you are shredding and moving on the stage and inevitably you are going to sweat, a very nice thing. Pickboy picks are surely the best picks in my opinion. I have tried many other brands of picks, but Your picks are the best: realiable, enduring and they don’t loose dynamic in the fast picking and in the sweep and are killing in every style of picking. Also the tip is fantastic. I really believe that Pickboy Picks are the best, especially the model I use, but also the other models are good for a lot of ways of playing. Professional people have to treat the details and the pick is a instrument.

Not all picks are the same.


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