Thiago Trinsi Interview

Can you share a brief description of your musical background (gigs, tours and recording projects etc)?

My name is Thiago Trinsi, from Porto Alegre-RS south of Brazil, I am one of the guitarist in Seraphim, a heavy metal band with the CD Rising released world wide by King Records-Japan. I am composer, jam session player, arranger, orchestrator of music for films and I am also a music instructor in the north part of Iceland where I have been since 2005. My works also include guitar clinics, master classes, performing and recording. I am endorsed by Pickboy, Dean Markley, Spectraflex, and Wilson Effects.

What do you have going on now?

I had a very successful guitar clinic at Sam Ash in New York last week and I am here in Florida now doing Master Classes in Tampa, and in August I will be back in Iceland and continue the process with my album, my book – which is ready – and an instructional video to record.

Where do you see the direction of music going in the future?

Everybody loves music, and I believe they will keep consuming it forever; with the internet many those great undergrounds artists became popular in now days, What I see now is many great artists around but not a mainstream as it was before and for the future I just see the expansion of it.

What role did music education have on your career?

I have a very technical knowledge today but I got most researching by my own and everyone can do that and reach a very high level of musicality without been in a music institution. What I get with the music education is a better salary but just when I am working as a teacher for some music institution. But if you are a performer, composer or a privet teacher what counts the most is your talent.

Why do you like Pickboy Picks?

For many years picks were just picks for me, ’till I get a chance to try those Meta Carbonate picks by Pickboy so I could understand how necessary is for an artist to have the best, the best amp, guitar and of course the best guitar pick. With Pickboy Meta Carbonate picks I could sound so much better.

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