Duane T Jones : Pickboy Artist

Duane T Jones

We had a chance this week to catch up with one our favorite players and all around great guy, Duane T Jones. Duane is the founder and guitar player for Swirl. And right now you can vote Swirl “Band of the Month” on Firebrand Rock Radio. Duane plays a Pickboy MetaCarb Pos A Grip. You can read more about Duane here on his Osiamo artist page.

Music China 2013

Dr J Armor BufferWhile we didn’t attend this year’s edition of Music China, two of our manufacturers were there showing some new products and attracting big crowds. Both Dr J and Mooer had sucessful shows and we look forward to releasing some new and very exciting products in the very near future.

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Dr J introduced the Armor Buffer – more about this very cool and very useful pedal soon – and had Jose de Castro perform at their booth. There are some many more new products in the works and we’ll keep you posted here with updates.

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Mooer Audio introduced several new products at the show and was delighted to be joined by two artists that demonstrated the different product lines. The full line up of the popular Mooer Micro Series was displayed in the booth. Mooer is the leader in micro pedals – many of them are based on vintage sounds, others are unique to Mooer. All of them have the excellent Mooer design and tone, feature True Bypass and are housed in a tough metal shell.

One of our artists, Neil Zaza, gave a very passionate, awesome performance showcasing his signature pedal – The Juicer.

Artist Jose de Castro demo’d the brand new Spark series as well as many of our different amps and multi-effect pedals.


Exclusive Interview with Jonny Java Mantra

Jonny Mantra

Tell us a bit about your musical background?
I’ve been playing guitar since age six taught by a local genius in the Bronx names Richie Giorgianni, was lucky enough to go to F.H. Laguardia Performing Arts High School and then study with some amazing masters at the Berklee College of Music where I was in a jazz fusion ensemble with 3 of the members of Imagine Dragons (Wayne, Ben, and Dan. Ben makes amazing cinnamon rolls.). I’ve since then had the pleasure of playing with many of NYC’s phenomenal up and coming artists like Nisha Asnani and Mario Spinetti. I’ll play with pretty much anyone, I just love sharing the experience. I’ve played in jazz bands, dance bands, rock/funk bands, big bands, kirtan combos in yoga studios, solo as a one-man band, with improv comedians, theater orchestras, my own vegas style shows, and much more. I enjoy playing in hospitals, retirement homes, prisons, rehabs and delivering live music to people that can’t afford it or aren’t able to go out and hear it. I love to play pretty much all styles of music and see all vibrations as being created equal, but especially like really spaced out soulful music that has a phat pocket groove with a catchy melody and room for improv with an eastern undertone that sounds like it was spat out by an extraterrestrial aboriginee. I recently went on a tour with Brother Joscephus and The Love Revolution and had a blast playing with them. If you haven’t heard them, go see them live. It’s an amazing experience.

I’m currently working on cruises in Australia and New Zealand as a one-man-act with a loop station. I loop guitar, bass, vocals, beat box, world percussion, household items and an iPod synth attached to my guitar with velcro while doing sorcery, mind reading, pranks, yodeling, vocal toning, animal noises on guitar, and a lil’ comedy and speaking about holistic health and transcendence.

I’ve designed my own guitar along with Godin called Aurora. She’s got a killswitch, sustaniac pickup, Stets Bar tremolo system, Slidefly slide holster, bone nut, harmonic overtone switch, and an iPod holder for synth and sound effects. If James Bond had a guitar, I’m pretty sure he’d want this one haha. It’s a blast.

What are you working on right now?
Right now, I am working on an album trilogy with my band of extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional shamans called the KoZmiK CoLLeCtive. They and others like myself are part of a sleeper cell of a secret agency from the 9th Dimension called L.O.V.E. that zips through the inter-dimensional multiverse to spread love, color and liberation among it’s many inhabitants. We’ve currently been driving around these earth-body machines to create a traveling sound healing festival on Earth that will incorporate vibrational sciences, integral education, holistic health, transcendental practices, performance and visual art, and more along with some and kick-ass music to heal people, empower them and bring out their love and special abilities. Check out some of the the music at www.jonnymantra.com.

We’ve recently patented an exciting new type of guitar slide called the Java Slide that’s really going to shake up the music world. We’re currently looking for a partner to team up with or license the patent to. You can check out the video.

I’m also working on an instructional video called “Strange Guitar” that will display tons of unorthodox, but useful tricks on the instrument along with some of the ones that players may have overlooked as well as another video on the topic of “Ultra-Creative Solo Guitar” that will hopefully extrapolate some fun new ideas out of solo musicians and bands alike. Check out some of the ensuing music and mischief at www.jonnymantra.com.

How would you describe the state of music right now?
As for the state of music right now, I think there’s just so much going on and so much to explore.  The quickly emerging technologies, population boom, growing cosmic awareness and the most access to culture and information that we’ve ever had can shine many paths to walk along if the interest of the individual is there. As long as the spirit of creativity and authenticity are kept alive and we don’t forget where we’ve come from, we can expect lots of new and beautiful musical colors to emerge. I do think that music as a service to humanity, nature, and the universe has an infinite amount of implications that have yet to be explored by many. I feel that the more people think outside of the box while creating music, but do it in an accessible way, the bigger the impact it can have on a wider audience and raise the center of gravity of awareness and musical intelligence. The only way to charm a snake out of her basket is to first play her what she likes. Then you can show her the many colors and lights of your world. (Piss her off and you might get a bite on your ass filled with venom.)

What’s coming up for you in the future?
In the near future I will be traveling all over the US with in my funky camper-party-van named “Iris the Space Van Love Machine” performing everywhere so look out for us this Summer 2014. We plan on visiting Eco-villages, Native American Reservations, festivals, bars, clubs, hospitals, random streets and subway stations, ashrams, temples, churches, parks, crop circles, vortexes and anywhere we can play and meet some really cool people and jam with some sweet musicians while picking up talent for the KoZmic CoLLeCtive Festivals. We’ll need all the help we can get :). Videos and dates will be posted at http://www.jonnymantra.com . In the long term, I’m looking to run a Cafe/Healing Concert Venue/ Hostel/Permaculture inspired eco-village that will provide shelter for those who need it, and give people a place to let loose, be creative and evolve into the infinite beings that they’re destined to bloom into.

What attracted you to Mooer pedals?
I love Mooer because the pedals are super small in size, quirky, and they sound amazing, but best of all they sound unique! They have really cool names too. I’ve been traveling all over the world and it’s been so great to see these popping up in guitar stores on the most random places and islands in the middle of nowhere! I’ve been especially loving the sounds of the Lo Fi Audio Machine and the Bass Sweeper. I play a lot of spacey and funky music and it’s really been enhancing my live performances. I’m really excited to do some recordings with them too. It’s nice to see somebody doing something so different for such a great price, creative high quality, while conserving pedalboard space as an added bonus. You guys rock, your pedals turn heads and your videos are awesome and the people that you have demoing your pedals are brilliant artists! Thanks again for introducing these amazing new sonic bliss machines into the world. P.S. Pickboy pics are the s#!t!

Jonny Java Mantra

Dealer Spotlight : East Village Music New York NY

East Village Music!

How long has the store been in business? 20 years

How long have you worked at the store? 21 years

Mooer pedals at EVMWhy are Mooer Pedals doing so well at your store? Size, Sound & Sizzle!

How does the future of music stores look? Better, now that Mooer Pedals are here ;D

Biggest challenge for your store for holiday season 2013 and beyond? Super Storms & Blizzards~

Mooer Release 3 New Pedals

New Mooer Pedals Thunderball, Micro DI, Noise Killer

Mooer have release 3 new pedals in the popular micro series: the Thunderball, Micro DI, and Noise Killer. Mooer really did their homework with these pedals as all three not only sound great but are useful and fill out nicely the Mooer micro range. The Thunderball is a bass distortion and fuzz pedal that has a dynamic feel and is great a reproducing the sought after vintage rock tone. The Micro DI is a useful tool that does what it’s name says plus has a cabinet simulator. Finally the Noise Killer is simple and effective in eliminating unwanted noise. Read below our more detailed reviews.

Are you looking for the ultimate in bass distortion pedals? Your search is over… Introducing the Mooer Thunderball. The Thunderball covers the spectrum, when it comes to bass Fuzz/Distortion tones. Featuring Volume, gain and tone controls, the Thunderball, easily, lets you find your tone. From classic “tube amp” drive to modern overkill, the Mooer Thunderball will take you there. All this, while maintaining your dynamics and the character of your bass.

Every Guitar/Bass player, at some point, needs a DI box. They help us to, seamlessly, interface with our gear, in a variety of situations. The Mooer Micro DI gives you all the benefits of a DI box, in a space- saving micro pedal.  The ultra clean/quiet Micro DI gives you, a ¼” input (with ground lift option), adjustable gain settings (-20db, 0db, +20db), switchable Cabinet Simulator, a balanced XLR output and an unbalanced  ¼” output. When you combine all these features, with its compact size, the Mooer Micro DI is sure to become your “Swiss Army Knife” pedal.

Guitar and Bass players hate noise; whether it’s from pickups, lights or pedals, it doesn’t matter. The Mooer Noise Killer provides a simple and effective way to eliminate that noise. The Noise Killer features a Threshold control, which sets the point at which the unit starts to “kill” the noise. In addition, the Hard/Soft switch lets you decide how aggressively the Noise Killer treats the offending signal. It’s that easy. If you need a quick and easy way to eliminate noise, the Mooer Noise Killer is your pedal.